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ComStar Tracking Services and Solutions

All our solutions can be customized. Whether it is adding functionality or integrating different solutions into one complete package. Our company fully customizes controls and has the ability to add features for front end, back end, hardware and firmware components. Enquire about any specific needs and we’ll provide the time frame for manufacturing and development of the solution.

ComStar Surveillance Services and Solutions

People, objects, and assets are all in unique places at any point in time. Locations, behaviors, and many more attributes can be monitored through various technologies for a vast array of purposes. ComStar creates complete solutions based around custom built/ developed hardware, firmware, and software to leverage these technologies to suit our clientele.

ComStar Military Solutions

Our military applications are second to none. ComStar implements the highest standards in Camera/GPS/Tactical Gear/Audio, Video Transmission and Satellite communication. From ground up hardware (using high grade ballistic steel and Aramid Fiber) and software using a custom or currently implemented encryption algorithm (AES, SHA...), our RnD team is qualified in customizing any equipment in a timely manner to accommodate any project urgency.

ComStar Blockchain Technology Initiative

ComStar Security BV. Is starting an initiative to help out our fans get more knowledgeable about Cryptocurrency, Mining and Blockchain Technology. The ComStar Team would like to give back to our community by helping you make an additional income using Cryptocurrency. We will be posting on regular basis Background Information, Regulations, Tips, How-To Guides, Tools, Rigs, Mining Methods, and Risk Management Methods. Please do not hesitate to ask questions, as we are here to help you join the Millions in the Crypto Club.

ComStar Medical Solutions

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ComStar Green Energy Solutions

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