ComStar Surveillance Services and Solutions

State-of the-art Tailored Custom Surveillance Solutions
Camera Styles/Types

We provide a vast array of high definition cameras in our solutions. This includes Bullet, Dome, PTZ, Wireless over detected Encrypted signal, Indoor, and Outdoor, just to name a few. Tamper protection, self-lens cleaning, and casing of different resistances are also available upon request to meet specific industry requirements.

High Definition Cameras

All our primary cameras are in High definition. They include various sensors, such as laser, infrared and thermal. Our lineup uses between 2 and 12 MegaPixels. Our consulting team can be contacted for other options beyond the standard lineup.

IP Cameras

The solutions we provide primarily use cameras running through IP, using data cables. Fiber cabling and other solutions can be deployed where distance is an issue. We can also use Wi-Fi cameras for locations where wires pose problems. For long range offsite locations (for example warehouses and satellite offices) where wired connections are not available, we develop powerful solutions with our trained professionals.

Monitoring Software

Our company develops and customizes hardware, firmware and interaction software from the ground up. We build secure and manageable solutions to meet the needs of our clients precisely. Expandability of the software is entirely based on requirement and has no limitations based on pre-built software. Our camera software solutions can be integrated with multiple viewing windows, multi-camera management, alert notifications, and much more.

Identification and Tracking

Powerful uses of camera technology include identification and tracking of assets, people, and tags. Our solutions provide this functionality through multiple technologies, such as facial recognition and analysis of objects. These solutions are created based on requirements and built with the specific solution in mind.

Law enforcement evidence monitoring

While access control through badges works in some scenarios, evidence environments require additional security. By combining facial recognition through video monitoring, an extra layer of authentication is added on top of RFID badges. A custom software solution is used to manage door security with identifications of individual who enter the evidence room. Discrepancies between who is entering and the access badge used to enter is flagged and alerted through local systems, emails, SMS, and other means of communication.

Mobile plate tracking

By mounting high definition cameras onto vehicles, our custom software solutions provide plate recognition while vehicles are moving. Information obtained by the system is cross referenced with information from cloud services and used to provide detailed information about vehicles in the surrounding area. Searching for vehicles and alerting becomes efficient and effective.

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