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GPS Integration

We integrate GPS devices with a range of features and form factors to meet several environments. Vehicle units are fully featured with added functionality, such as vehicle sensor monitoring, support for video cameras, RFID readers, and more. Mobile units specialize in keeping track of individuals on the go and can be used for moving objects where device charging cannot be performed by the object. These mobile units also provide SOS alarms that are custom configured to send signals through Email, GPRS, and SMS.

RFID Tagging

Our tracking systems are versatile and have potential far beyond many current implementations. These solutions provide accurate monitoring and access control of people and assets. Combined with innovative software and optional leveraging of other technologies, this can be used in building strong security systems, detailed tracking, and much more. The styles, sizes, and general form factors for RFID tags and readers are very vast, providing the right solutions for any project. Passive RFID solutions provide great flexibility and functionality in ranges up to ~30 meters. Active RFID solutions provide great ranges of up to ~200 meters. Multiple readers for both short range and long range can be managed together for complete solutions.

RFID Tag and Database Encryption

Security is of utmost importance, and data confidentiality both on RFID tags and the backend systems that interact with these components is key. We implement necessary security based on the data being handled and the environment where it is deployed.

Hospital Patient tracking

Through the use of UHF RFID solutions, patient tracking and monitoring is achieved in a controlled and versatile manner. Wristbands monitor the zones of patients, while access clearance cards and tags monitor visitors.

Package tracking

RFID solutions, both active and passive, used as a cost effective solution for tracking packages in warehouses are combined with GPS solutions for tracking packages across long hauls. Quick region scanning and uniquely built software solutions are used to quickly and efficiently determine the contents of containers on flights, ship’s cargo, and more.

Police Aid

Feature rich GPS units in police vehicles combine plate recognition, vehicle sensor monitoring and tracking, high definition video recording, event alerting to external sources, ignition control via RFID readers, and more. This solution combined with other solutions provided by ComStar build a robust, secure, and reliable system that aids law enforcement.

School attendance

Passive RFID systems are used to monitor entrance of students into schools and into classes. This solution automatically verifies attendance and can be combined with a custom alerting system that automatically notifies faculty or parents of any concerns. Tagging of exams is used to prevent theft of exam papers and ensure security of these sensitive documents.

Secure family

Our smart modern living solutions incorporate several components that use RFID technologies. The solutions monitor security, RFID locking systems, ID card authentication, and asset/family members, among other aspects. They generate alerts if anyone or anything is taken from the house. Personal GPS trackers with SOS alarms and voice communication are used to ensure the safety of loved ones on the road and custom software solutions are used to monitor all aspects of the system locally and remotely.

Underwater tracking

GPS devices used underwater provide tracking of people and equipment. Long range RFID solutions expand the functionality of this, to enable automated actions that are set via activation at surface level. This eliminates the requirement to send out divers for the purpose of performing various tasks.

Visa tracking

ComStar has developed multiple systems to improve security, accessibility, and the overall experience at airports for both airlines and their passengers. The use of RFID chips embedded within passports and visas provides a highly functional way for improving security in analyzing passport and visa documents as someone enters an airport and then moves around. Custom software solutions provide examination of documents remotely and alerting to authorities of any concerns, which include, among other things, expired visas.

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